Fastline services are custom tailored for you and the unique needs of your organization. So each service itself is a unique fitted solution and different from all other fastline services. To make this more feasible we present you three different solution examples so that you might get an idea how you can profit from a concrete fastline service.



2.1.-beispiele-englisch-angebotstrichter-fastline.png - 2803172.1   

A consulting company needs to be up-to-date of the sales opportunity and the steps taken to acquire new projects at any time to be able to estimate orders & revenues and to plan resources accordingly.


fastline in this case provides the management of sales opportunities and measures taken to step forward in the acquisition process. Each single contact an employee/partner had with a possible client will be tracked. The fastline infrastructure provides the company with a general “fact” containing the packaged information to the possible client and all the activities involved so that sales and management can easily stay informed about the sales progress.


The sales funnel is visualised for ease of use and available with both classical desktop pc as well as on mobile devices. Probable extension point in the future is a fulfilment service with tracking and resource planning.





2.2.-beispiele-englisch-meilensteinverfolgung-fastline.png - 2803178.1    

A service company in a massive expansion phase has to restructure to meet client needs and internal requirements. For this internal project all major milestones have to be documented, agreed and reported on in a way that information is not lost.


Fastline provides the infrastructure to have a structured description of all milestones with different attributes. All data concerning a milestone have title, description, responsibility, planned date, status and so forth. This will allow fastline to make easy reporting possible. Furthermore the user will have distinct role defining their access rights on the provide online-documents.


A graphical representation of the data will be available for desktop and mobile devices. An extension opportunity for the client is to use this milestone tool also for its core operations.